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30 seconds of ROCK

30 seconds of ROCK
Author: Krinkels
Music: DragonForce
Track(s): Through The Fire And Flames
Running time: 0:50
Body count: 1
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30 seconds of ROCK is a short flash made by Krinkels. It featured a faced Madness character playing the intro of "Through The Fire And Flames" by the power metal band, DragonForce.

The main character here is a serious faced Madness character, who sports a guitar. He starts by playing the intro of the song, then after a while his eyes widen and mouth gets bigger. The camera start moving in and out very quickly, and after approximately 35 seconds after the intro, the top of his head explodes and the rocker dies with his right eye very large and aimed diagonally. The episode ends in his funeral, in which only two people showed up to. His guitar is shown standing at his gravestone.

On Newgrounds, where it was named "35 Seconds of Rock", Krinkels deleted it because he stated that it was "very crappy" and uploaded it onto his site under the name of 'DRAAAAGONFOOOOOOOORCE!!!'. When Krinkels later joined YouTube, the animation was uploaded as '30 seconds of ROCK'. It is unknown why the number of seconds in the title was changed.