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Type: Rifle
Attachment(s): Laser sight, scope
Used by: Sanford, Jesus, grunts, l33t agents,Soldat
Kill(s): 11 (non-canon)

The AK-74U (or AKS-74U) is a shortened carbine variant of the AK-74.

An AK-74U without a stock was used by a grunt against Mag Agent: Torture in Incident: 011A. It also appeared in the beginning of Incident: 100A with a long-range scope. An agent used it to fire at a Deimos-like decoy. After he was killed, Sanford took it to kill several more foes. In Incident: 110A, Jesus telepathically fired the gun at several enemy units. In UltimateFear.fla the AK-74U appears with its stock folded backwards, and is used by a Soldat to sacrifice an A.T.P. engineer to Scrapeface

The AK-74U is a usable weapon in Madness: Project Nexus. It is the weakest rifle in the game.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

AK-74U 5.45x39mm
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
9 180 6 30
÷10 216 1.8 ×2
A small rifle useful for taking down small men. Not to be underestimated, as this rifle can hold it's own in just about any scenario.
Price $1800 $2340 $3042

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