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An Experiment
The engineers pushing the grunt into the test chamber.
Author: Krinkels
Music: Cheshyre
Track(s): Experiment
Release date: June 6, 2020
Running time: 3:01
Protagonist(s): Scrapeface, Sanford, Deimos
Main antagonist(s): A.A.H.W.
Body count: 5
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An Experiment is a canon short made by Krinkels. It depicts an A.A.H.W. experiment gone wrong.


  1. Scrapeface
  2. A.T.P. Engineer
  3. A.T.P. Soldat
  4. Grunt
  5. Scientist
  6. Sanford
  7. Deimos


The episode begins with two A.T.P. engineers shoving a grunt into a test chamber. The one with a Five-Seven fires a warning shot to coax the grunt into cooperating. He high fives his partner before leaving the room. The grunt then gets up and looks around the room.

The grunt is startled after the lights turn on and the experimental box opens. He looks inside the box, to find it prompting him to press both buttons located inside. He does so, and the box immediately closes, trapping his hands inside. He is lifted as the box and his body get separated by a hatch. His hands continue to go up a shaft as the camera cuts to the grunt breaking free of his hands. He still maintains control, but his hands continue to fight against the box. He then begins moving about the room, before suffering a spasm, causing him to headbutt a pedestal, presumably knocking him out.

The screen then cuts to his hands, still struggling in the box. His hands then begin glitching out, as a side text reads Inquiry(meta); hand.Frombody.chkdistance, with the text "But what w0uld HaPpen..." flashing as well. The screen then cuts to the grunt painting the wall with his face, before suffering another spasm lodging his face to the wall. Almost immediately after, a Soldat pushes one of the previous A.T.P. engineers into the room, possibly as another part of the experiment. The box comes out of the shaft, hanging above the room. The grunt's hands slowly lower down as he is transformed into Scrapeface. His hands then snap to his body, as he glides towards the engineer, blood streaming from his face as static fills the screen. He grabs the engineer before slamming him into a wall. The engineer desperately tries to fight back, successfully pushing away Scrapeface before he glides back towards the engineer, grabbing his face and lower body before the screen cuts out again.

When the camera cuts back the Soldat and the Scientist are seen looking at a screen. The screen flashes Hazard as the Soldat pulls out his AK-74U, and goes to check on the experiment. The Soldat glitches out as Scrapeface emerges from the test chamber with the body of the engineer, who has been torn in half. The Soldat glitches more and more as Scrapeface glides towards him, ultimately collapsing as Scrapeface hovers over. The Soldat's gun explodes as Scrapeface throws the desiccated engineer towards the flashing screen. He then goes to the middle of the room before suffering a spasm and launching himself into the ground, grinding away his body until his feet and a lower portion of his torso remain, Scrapeface, in a failed attempt to kill the Scientist, launches the remnants of his body towards the Scientist, who throughout the act demonstrated curiosity.

The screen cuts to Sanford and Deimos, who are surveying the building. The building splits in half, with the top portion crashing into the ground and the bottom portion exploding. The screen cuts to Deimos stating "Damn. That's crazy" as it goes completely black.



  • Krinkels has stated that this is a canon episode.
    • This episode most likely takes place between Madness Combat 6.5 and Madness Combat 7.5, as Sanford and Deimos have their new clothing but have not yet received orders to retrieve Hank.
  • The car from Madness Combat 9 can be seen parked next to the building where the experiment takes place, suggesting Sanford and Deimos hijacked it to travel to the location of Madness Combat 7.5 and later Madness Combat 9.
  • Krinkels has stated that after this episode, Sanford and Deimos killed all the remaining A.A.H.W. personnel and then absconded with the car. He also stated that Scrapeface's hands, last seen laying on the floor, "were probably annihilated by their own absurdness."


  • The sprite used for the AK-74U reverts back to the simpler form when the Soldat starts glitching out. Although it is unknown if this was intentional or not.