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Billhook Machete
Type: Melee
Used by: Skeleton, Agent, Hank
Kill(s): 5

The Billhook Machete is a bladed weapon, typically used for cutting through foliage.


Madness Combat 11: Expurgation

A Billhook Machete appears in the hands of a masked clown when Tricky first summons them to try and stop Hank and Sanford, but it is knocked out of the hands of said clown by Hank before he kills it.

Madness Combat 9.5

It is used by Hank after he steals it from an Agent, and is used to kill four agents before Hank buries it into the head of a Soldat and leaves it there. It is then used by another agent who tries to rush at Hank but gets incapacitated by a shot to the torso and then gets his head smashed by the stock of Hank's M-416.

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