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The Madness Combat Wiki
Type: Miscellaneous
Used by: Hank
Kill(s): 2 (non-canon)

The gigantic blender is only seen in the non-canon animation Incident: 001A in which Hank throws several l33t agents and a Mag Agent: V2 into it. When Hank first stumbles upon it, he shakes with glee and exclaims "OMG" at the prospect of using it. He then proceeds to throw several l33t agents into it with an axe and his bare hands, before attacking a Mag Agent: V2. The animation finishes with Hank jumping on the mag agent, pushing him further down into the blender.


  • Hank's line "Will it blend?" is a reference to a series of promotional videos of the same name sponsored by Blentec and aired on YouTube to promote their line of Total Blenders.

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