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Boombox man
Debut: Madness Combat 1
Appearances: 1
Role(s): Antagonist
Kills: 0
Deaths: 2
Allies: Jesus
Enemies: Hank

The boombox man was one of the first characters to appear in the Madness series, and was Hank's first kill.

Madness Combat 1

He made his first and only appearance in Madness Combat 1, as the very first character shown on-screen and listening to a boombox. When Hank walks over to him, he punches him to the ground, but when he tries to punch Hank again, Hank retaliates and beats the boombox man to death. Later in the episode, he is revived as a zombie by Jesus but his head is punched off by Hank, and then his body is shot with a M-10.


  • As well as being Hank's first kill, the boombox man was also the first character to strike a protagonist (and arguably the first antagonist due to that), the first character to die in the series and, since he was later revived as a zombie, the first to be resurrected, the first zombie (and the first zombie to die as well, naturally) and the first character to die from a weapon.