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Breadman dies.

Breadman is a small series of animations made by Krinkels before Madness Combat had started. It is about a man, called Breadman, that spent the animation either eating bread or dying. Krinkels has said that he hates the series.

The episodes include Breadman, The Death of Breadman, and The Return of Breadman.

Breadman (the first episode) is about a man watching TV, when he sees an announcement that states that bread causes cancer. He then recalls eating bread, and his head explodes.

In the sequel The Death of Breadman, Krinkels was upset that he didn't get enough recognition for the original Breadman, so he killed him many times.

In The Return of Breadman, he killed Breadman more times, basically repeating what he did in The Death of Breadman. These random killings eventually led to the inspiration of Marsh-Mellow-Madness, which later bloomed into Madness Combat 1 and the rest of the Madness Combat series.

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