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Cannon MC1.png
The cannon from Madness Combat 1 and Marsh-Mellow-Madness
Type: Heavy
Used by: Jesus, grunt
Kill(s): 1 (non-canon)

The cannon appeared twice in Krinkels' animations: once in Marsh-Mellow-Madness and once in Madness Combat 1. In Marsh-Mellow Madness, a man was offering "rides" for 5 cents to be shot into a giant marshmallow. In Madness Combat 1, it was summoned by Jesus to fire at Hank, who managed to dodge every shot. Later on, a grunt tried to use it to kill Hank, but also fails.


  • This is the first weapon in the entire series to have color.
  • This was the first colored sprite to appear in Marsh-Mellow Madness and second in Madness Combat 1.
  • In Madness Combat 1, the cannon fired four cannonballs without reloading, which is inconsistent with cannons in real life.

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