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Type: Miscellaneous
Used by: Hank, Deimos, Mag Agent: Torture, Mag Agent: V2
Kill(s): 5 (2 non-canon)

Corpse is the medical term for a deceased body. They have appeared in every single Madness Combat animation and are usually the result of the protagonist.

There have been several times where corpses were used as a weapon or shield. In Madness Combat 1, Hank threw a headless corpse at a grunt. In Madness Inundation, a mag agent threw several A.T.P. engineer corpses at Jesus. Deimos also used Hank's corpse as a shield and throwing weapon in Madness Aggregation. Hank would later use Deimos' corpse as a decoy after being revived. In the same episode, Sanford used the corpse of an A.T.P. engineer on the end of his hook to kill several agents in the back of a truck. Mag Agent: Torture also used a couple of grunt corpses as weapons in Incident: 011A.

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