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Elite bodyguard
The bodyguards from Madness Combat 3
Debut: Madness Combat 3: Avenger
Appearances: 1
Role(s): Antagonist
Kills: 0
Deaths: 3
Allies: Sheriff, A.A.H.W.
Enemies: Hank J. Wimbleton

Elite bodyguards are special enemies that wore sunglasses and are the precursor to 1337 agents. The only episode they show up in is Madness Combat 3: Avenger.

They appear marginally more competent than Grunts, staying alert throughout the episode, but Hank responds in kind and targets them first, and they are all killed in less than a second apiece.

The first elite guard was seen near The Bakery! armed with a Desert Eagle, accompanied by two grunts. When Hank approached the guard began to fire, but Hank hurled a knife at him, killing the bodyguard. Two more elite guards were seen in the end of the episode defending the Sheriff. One was holding a suppressed Beretta 92, the other holding a suppressed MP5. They were both killed quickly by Hank's shotgun.

One elite guard is seen touching his ear, implying they use earpiece radios.


  • Despite supposedly being more skilled than Grunts, they are ironically even less effective against Hank than Grunts are, as some Grunts were able to hit Hank in Avenger, whereas Elite bodyguards could not even hit Hank.