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Grunt modern.png
A grunt.
Debut: Madness Combat 1
Appearances: 16 (2 non-canon)
Role(s): Antagonist
Kills: 4 (1 non-canon)
Deaths: 312 (30 non-canon)
Allies: A.A.H.W, Sheriff
Enemies: Hank, Deimos, Mag Agent: Torture (non-canon)

Grunts are the weakest members of the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton. They are the most common enemies in Madness Combat episodes 1-4, after which the agents become more common. They are the simplest-looking characters, with only a gray body and no additional pieces of clothing, accessories or gadgets. They are usually armored with low-ranked melee weapons (pipes, baseball bats, knifes...) or low-ranked guns (PPK, TEC-9...) but there are some exceptions. At least one grunt has appeared in every Madness Combat animation, except for Madness Combat 6.5, Madness Combat 7.5, Madness Combat 10: Abrogation, and Madness Combat 11: Expurgation.


Madness Combat 1

Although they technically weren't members of the A.A.H.W., a large group of regular Madness characters fought Hank throughout the episode. They do not use weapons in this episode and were all killed by Hank. Two of these people, including the boombox man, were resurrected as zombies by Jesus.

Madness Combat 2: Redeemer

In Madness Redeemer, grunts served as the Sheriff's main line of protection against Hank. Although several managed to strike Hank with melee attacks, most of them were still dispatched quite easily. In one room, Jesus resurrects all the grunts that Hank had killed, but all of them were re-killed very quickly.

Madness Combat 3: Avenger

In the third episode, grunts played the same role as they did in Madness Redeemer. In the penultimate room, on the Improbability Drive control panel, there was a button labeled "Soldier Deployer," which was what the Sheriff most likely used to send out more grunts to combat Hank.

Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis

Madness Apotheosis marked the last canon episode in which grunts served as the main enemies of Hank. They appeared to take orders from 1337 agents, who made their debut in this episode. In the last scene, many grunts were seen raving in Club M, with Tricky as the DJ. They attacked Hank when he shot DJ Tricky, but were all quickly killed by Hank's dragon sword and MP5. When Jesus arrived, he resurrected all the ravers into zombies, who were all dispatched again effortlessly.

Madness Combat 5: Depredation & Madness Combat 5.5

Towards the end of Madness Depredation and the beginning of Madness Combat 5.5, a Flying Party full of ravers fell on Sanford and Deimos. It is unlikely that these ravers were members of the A.A.H.W.

Madness Combat 6: Antipathy

The standard grunt appearance before DedmosRebuilt.fla

In Madness Antipathy, grunts fought alongside l33t agents against Hank. They made the most appearances in the second building, in which only two l33t agents were present. In this episode, the grunts were going through the process of being reassigned in the A.A.H.W., most likely to become l33t agents themselves. In the last room, three signs showed the steps for the grunts' reassignment.

Madness Combat 7: Consternation

In Madness Consternation, two grunts were seen doing push-ups under the instruction of an agent. After Hank landed on and killed the agent, the grunts attacked him. However, Hank killed them by ripping out the heart of the first one and tearing off flesh from the second one.

Madness Combat 9: Aggregation

The last grunt seen in a canon episode appeared in Madness Aggregation. After the Auditor angrily stopped a group of l33t agents' gambling, he decapitated a bystander with a dragon sword. This grunt was the Auditor's first and only kill in the series (Discounting the still-live agents he absorbed in Madness Combat: Abrogation).

Madness Combat 9.5

Part 1

At the beginning of the episode, a grunt can be seen looking over the edge of a cliff in hell before walking over to another grunt who is covered in black liquid. Another grunt comes through the door who soon transforms into Hank who proceeds to take them out by punching one into the other, sending one grunt off the cliff while taking the other out.

Part 2



Two grunts appear in this short, investigating a world within a floating sphere and a corpse within said sphere. One of them is killed from being impaled by a chain.


A grunt is seen banging his head against a wall due to some kind of pain, interrupted by a force seizing him and smashing him against the wall. Additionally, grunts from scenes in Madness Combat 3 appear in red images that were triggered by Deimos touching Hank's old body outside The Bakery!.



An Experiment

The grunt returns as being a test subject in An Experiment. He was forced to put into a room with a box, and after that he goes to the box and saw the buttons, pressing one, which leads to his hands trapped inside of the box. As the box moves, he suffers and hits his face on the table where the box was and rubbed his face on the wall, becoming Scrapface.

Incident: 011A

In Incident: 011A, grunts serve as the main enemies of Mag Agent: Torture. Although they are able to hit the giant agent with melee weapons and bullets, most of them failed to phase him. Mag Agent: Torture easily killed most of them, including Rich, with his massive strength. However, the last grunt, armed with an M203, launched a grenade into the mag agent's head, blowing it up and killing him. The grunt wipes the blood off his face and onto the hot dog vendor's apron and then leaves the room.

PSA: Piracy

The grunts return in this short. they are the main antagonists as CyberCriminals. The short starts with 2 CyberCriminals as 1 CyberCriminal is logging as 1 looking at the environment until the typing CyberCriminal says "Uh Hey! Come look at the site." After dropping the keyboard. After that, the CyberCriminal looking at the environment comes over and says "Oh Cool!"

Madness Interactive

Grunts are the main enemies of Madness Interactive. In the Story Mode, they are dressed up in various pieces of clothing.

Madness: Project Nexus

Grunts are the weakest enemies in Madness: Project Nexus and have minimal stats. Because they lack strength and have no TAC-bars, they are among the weakest threats in the game. The zombie version of the grunt is also the easiest zombie to kill, taking an average of three shots to the head to bring down. The player avatar in Arena Combat mode begins with identical stats to all other grunts, but due to player intelligence, this isn't a major disadvantage unless the player finds themselves facing an enemy with a weapon when they are without one.

They are often seen wearing additional accessories overtop their normal grey shirts; these provide minor benefits such as blocking some damage.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

Grunts return in Madness: Project Nexus 2, once again reprising their timeless role as the bottom of the A.A.H.W. unit hiearchy, and thus, they are among the weakest and simplest enemies.


  • When asked what clothes grunts wear, Krinkels replied: "I think they're wearing smocks".
  • Grunts are also dubbed as "Bullies" in DedmosRebuilt.fla, presumably due to their size and role in the episode.
  • According to Krinkels, grunts probably feel like clay, as "Their flesh isn't as elastic as ours."