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The Auditor's hell dimension appearing in Madness Expurgation

During Madness Combat 11: Expurgation, most of the fighting moves from Nevada to a new hellish dimension. This dimension is dubbed "Auditor(Hell)" by the Auditor, when he is giving weapons to Hank to fight off Tricky's minions.

Even more-so than Nevada, the Auditor's Hell is characterized by chaos and destruction, where the protagonists are assailed by a seemingly never-ending supply of generic foes to kill, and the color red fills the sky. In addition to the boxy greyscale buildings with square doors, Hell is also characterized by chains and spikes jutting from the rocky terrain. Oftentimes Hell's geometry will not conform to Nevada's reality, such as when special levers can manipulate the gravity, and characters can impact with the ground only to crash through it appear somewhere else, as if creating a portal. Another warped feature is the use of posters; while in Nevada these are often advertisements or public service announcements, in the Auditor's Hell they appear to be reflections of the Auditor's thoughts, filled with insults or passive-aggressive jibes at the reader's expense.

Hell is a part of The Other Place, as said by Krinkels as well as hinted at by the reoccurring motif of "two soda cans" in project nexus 2.