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Debut: Madness: Project Nexus 2
Appearances: 1 (Game only)
Role(s): Boss
Deaths: 4
Allies: Church, MERC
Enemies: Sanford, Deimos

Jorge is one half of a duo of G03LM's who are a recurring boss and supporting antagonists in Madness: Project Nexus 2, the other half being Church.


He is a MERC G03LM suited in a grey jacket, black boots, fingerless gloves, an ammo backpack, a ballistic vest with the phrase "SIZE MATTERS" written on it, and a dual-filter gas mask with blue eyepieces stylized like shutter shades.


Unlike his G03LM brethen, he and Church lack a polite demeanor, instead resorting to calling their opponents losers and bragging about their constant comebacks, pain tolerance and "fighting ethic". Jorge doesn't seem to feel ashamed of lossing to Sanford and Deimos, as he and his partner keep coming back over and over, each time with different tactics. Despite their so called "fighting ethic", they still call in for reinforcements whenever one of the duo falls in combat, contrary to their "fair fight" policy, showing they aren't as honourable as they say.


He specializes in the use of heavy firearms, in contrast to his partner Church's expertise in melee/hand to hand combat, making the G03LM duo similar to their rivals, Sanford and Deimos. He posseses major combat prowess compared to other G03LMs, being capable of quickly shoving off attackers and withstanding more damage.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

He is first encountered at the end of The Boom Factory, where he and Church are deployed as a last ditch effort to stop Sanford and Deimos from seizing the explosives to blow up the Sheriff's Station Fortress' gate. During this encounter he is seen wielding an anti-tank rifle he uses to snipe at Sanford and Deimos from the top of the platform the G03LM duo stands on when they enter the room.

He's encountered again in The Scenic Route, where he and Church make a surprise appearance by breaking the ceiling of the sewers Sanford and Deimos are passing through, initiating a fight, with the MERC G03LMs being aided by other MERCs. This time, Jorge is armed with a flamethrower, wields a riot shield and is seen wearing extra metal plates on his mask and body armour.

He's encountered a third time in Flood Control, where the G03LM duo surprise Sanford and Deimos as they make their way through the Mining Sector's flooded levels. This time around, Church and Jorge challenge Sanford and Deimos to a fair two versus two because "they are bored". During this boss fight, Jorge is armed with a cannon that fires a sludge similar to that of the Swamp Zeds. This time he's seen wearing a diving suit underneath his usual combat gear connected to a pair of oxygen tanks on his back, replacing his ammo backpack.

His final appearance is in The Rush. Once more revived, he and Church are now armored like Tower Guards, with Jorge wielding a hi-tech minigun that uses Dissonant Reality as ammo, given the purple lights of the weapon. However before the fight can begin they are crushed to death by Mag Agent: Gestalt. During the credits, Church and Jorge are shown being revived yet again by MERC.



  • He is the first Madness Combat character to have a Hispanic name.
  • Judging by a mail sent by a MERC Labourer to the Nexus Core in The Boom Factory, Church and Jorge were part of a trade or request between the two factions at some point in time before Hank and co. started their mission to take down Project Nexus.
  • It is currently unknown whether he and Church are cloned or revived after they are taken down. Church claims that they'll "Come back forever" while also claiming that they are "Generation-03, limited model" during their Flood Control speech, possibly hinting to the cloning process, explaining how they keep coming back.
    • The phrase "Generation-03, Limited Model" is possibly what the acronym for G03LM means.