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Birth name: Matthew D. Jolly
Date of birth: June 4, 1981
Activities: Animator, artist
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Matthew D. "Matt" Jolly (June 4, 1981), more commonly known by his internet alias, Krinkels, is the creator of the Madness Combat series, along with many other animations such as the Madness shorts, Breadman and two music videos.


  • Rebel666 aka Laura Ducros once was his wife, they've been together since 2005, married in 2010, and separated in 2014.
  • He said in a tweet, the name "Krinkels", came from a song called "Mr. Krinkle", created by the band "Primus".
  • Krinkels said he has long been demonitized on youtube, so he isn't getting paid.
  • Krinkel's fursona is a cybernetic canis.
  • Krinkel's natural face is a "i don't want to be here" face.
  • Krinkels is not cool enough to be a goth.