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Lever-action shotgun

Lever-action shotgun
LeverAction CHASE.png
The lever-action shotgun from CHASE.fla
Type: Shotgun
Used by: Deimos
Kill(s): 3

A fictional lever-action shotgun is used by Deimos in CHASE.fla to zipline down a chain and kill three A.T.P. soldats that were seemingly pursuing him. After the soldats are killed, Deimos discards the shotgun to operate the gravity-altering lever. The shotgun falls into the sky (along with Deimos) when he reverses gravity.

The shotgun's handguard, ejection port, and stock shape make it look similar to an Adler A110 shotgun with a "mare's leg" barrel/stock configuration.


  • The lost shotgun, restored from the CHASE.fla Timelapse video.
    The lever-action shotgun was drawn during one of Krinkels' livestreams of animating CHASE.fla. He had originally drawn a shotgun with a blockier design, but the animation program crashed before the shotgun was saved, necessitating re-drawing the weapon. The original shotgun can be seen to the right.
  • The sprite file name for the current lever-action shotgun, as seen in his livestreams, is "Club12", suggesting that the shotgun is 12 gauge.