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MP40 B.png
The MP-40 from Madness: Project Nexus
Type: Submachine gun
Attachment(s): Laser sight, scope, suppressor
Used by: L33t agents
Kill(s): 0

The MP-40 is a popular German submachine gun used in World War II. It was briefly seen wielded by l33t agents in Incident: 101A and ROMP.FLA.

It was added to the game Madness: Project Nexus as a usable weapon in the version 1.7 update.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

MP-40 9x19mm
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
8 140 6 32
÷8 168 1.8 ×2
Ergonomics was not the strong suit of this weapon's design, mind the heat coming off the barrel.
Price $1736 $2256 $2933

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