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Type: Submachine gun
Used by: Hank, Auditor, grunts, l33t agents, A.T.P. engineers, Jesus (game only)
Kill(s): 12 (4 non-canon)

The H&K MP5K is a compact variant of the MP5. It debuted during Madness Combat 3: Avenger, in which Hank used one against several grunts. It reappeared in Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis with only a slightly modified design. In Madness Combat 8: Inundation, it underwent a complete redesign with a more detailed image. The Auditor spawned two of these to use against Jesus. Near the end of the episode, the Auditor's computer was opened to a website with the following description of the MP5K: "This gun also shoots bullets, surprize, surprize. Booooooooring. I look at this gun and want to barf."

In the updated version of Madness Interactive, it replaces the MP9 as the "CQB" firearm. Jesus uses this weapon against the player in the penultimate stage of the Story Mode. It also appears in Madness: Project Nexus.

Madness Interactive stats

Damage Ammo
.75 30

Madness: Project Nexus stats

H&K MP5K 9x19mm
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
7 115 10 30
÷6 138 3 ×2
A more petite alternative to your traditional full auto while still maintaining a modicum of accuracy and control.
Price $1540 $2002 $2602

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