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Machete MC10.png
The machete from Madness Combat 10 and Madness: Project Nexus
Type: Melee
Used by: L33t agents, Sanford (game only)
Kill(s): 0

A machete (misspelled machette in Madness: Project Nexus) is a sharp blade usually used to cut through foliage and tough plant growth or as a weapon. It is similar to the megachette, but with a much shorter blade. The machete first appeared in the final scene of Madness Combat 10: Abrogation in the hands of an agent. It is also a usable weapon in Madness: Project Nexus and Madness: Project Nexus 2.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

Damage Range Accuracy Durability
7 115 - 40
- - - -
Take aim at your opponents' heads and watch them fall like so many jungle vines.
Price $488

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  • There is a glitch in Madness: Project Nexus where most melee weapons will turn into the machete during their blocking animation.