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Madness Accelerant

Madness Accelerant
Madness accerlant.PNG
Hank battling Demon Tricky
Artist(s): MindChamber
Programming: TomFulp
Current version: 5 updates
Release date(s): September 22, 2009
Genre(s): Action, shooter, run-and-gun
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Mag Agent: Torture

Madness Accelerant is the sequel to Madness Regent, released for Madness Day 2009. It was created as a collaboration between Tom Fulp, MindChamber and Krinkels. The game is an accurate remake of Madness Combat 7: Consternation, where you play as Hank, and the only objective is to kill Tricky as he chases you throughout Nevada. In game there are hot dogs which you can collect to heal 3 life each.

The game is simple: kill or be killed. Throughout various rooms you have to face the flaming Demon Tricky, who starts with 1200 HP. Another boss is Mag Agent: Torture, who has 400 HP. At the end of the game, Hank destroys the Portable Improbability Drive and kills Tricky, instead of Jesus. During the credits, Jesus is seen looking down at Hank, holding his S&W 500.

After completing the game, a harder version called Madness Mode is unlocked, where all 1337 agents are replaced with A.T.P. engineers, who have higher health and have better AI. Additionally, the two bosses also have twice as much health, and the ammunition for all weapons is doubled.


  • Facerape- Unlocked by killing Mag Agent: Torture with the chainsaw, then continuing to saw his corpse for several seconds
  • A Winner is You- Unlocked by completing the game
  • True Face of Evil- Unlocked by punching off Tricky's mask at the end of the game without shooting him
  • Pacifist- Unlocked by sparing Tricky at the end of the game
  • Madness Mode- Unlocked by completing Madness Mode


If you're out of ammo, you can attack by punching/kicking people.


  • Depending on what mode is being played, Tricky will be holding a different sauce bottle. In Normal Mode, Tricky will have a yellow sauce bottle (mustard) and in Madness mode, he will have a red bottle (ketchup).
  • 1337 agents and grunts have 12 HP, while A.T.P. engineers have 18 HP (tested since 1337s and grunts take 2 shots from a shotgun to die, since a shotgun fires 3 bullets that do 2 damage, making it a maximum of 6 damage per shot, and A.T.P. engineers take 3 shots from a shotgun).
  • A.T.P. engineers can pick up weapons that are dropped, and even hot dogs.