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Mag Agent: Gestalt

Mag Agent: Gestalt
Debut: Madness: Project Nexus
Appearances: 2 (Once in both Project Nexus games)
Role(s): Antagonist, boss
Deaths: 1
Allies: Abominations
Enemies: Dr. Christoff, agents, Hank, Sanford, Deimos (All 3 are Project Nexus 2 only)

Mag Agent: Gestalt (German for form or figure) is a Mag Agent featured in Episode 1.5 of Madness: Project Nexus. It is an armored mag version of an abomination and is fought at the end of level [1.5-C].


Project Nexus

In Project Nexus, he appears an almost completely skinless Mag Agent, with the only areas of flesh remaining are some on his face and his hands, his teeth are also notably red, presumably from his own blood.

He wears a pickelhaube-like helmet, a pair of pilot goggles, a mask over his mouth attached with a belt, and kevlar armor with a kevlar chestplate with a backpack on it. He also has a metal plate on the back of his head.

Project Nexus 2

In Project Nexus 2, he is now completely skinless, and his teeth are also no longer bloodied.

He also wears a completely different set of armor with a fanged helmet with tusks attached to it that has glowing purple eyes, a metal vest that covers his front, and a device with 4 pumps full of glowing purple energy attached to his back.

Madness: Project Nexus

Gestalt is a boss fight in Episode 1.5, appearing at the end of level [1.5-C], he is unarmed and fights by either slamming with his hands or body slamming the player.

He wears a large amount of bulky armor, and the only remains of his facial skin are held together by a device on the back of his head. Much like Mag Agent: N, Gestalt must be defeated by pouring firepower into his hulking form until he eventually collapses. He is assisted by other abominations in the fight and is apparently an enemy to the 1337 agents. Unlike that of G03LMs, Gestalt's armor is vulnerable to firearms and melee attacks alike. His armor is separated into 2 parts, the head and the body. Once one part is damaged enough the armor will be removed of that respectful place and then he will be subject to any damage you fire at him. Once defeated, the swarm of agents and abominations will end and you will be able to proceed to the next room.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

Gestalt returns in Madness: Project Nexus 2 as one of the main antagonists, much to Dr. Christoff's disbelief. Revived by a standing order from Phobos, Gestalt is now far larger, towering over other Mag Agents, and armored to the point of complete invincibility. Gestalt chases the protagonists — Hank, Sanford, Deimos, and Christoff — through multiple levels, and the heroes are given no choice but to run. Gestalt is finally confronted in the final level, The Rush, where he serves as part of the final boss battle.


  • Gestalt is the subject of an odd bug. After you defeat Gestalt, go into the next room and kill the agents, then go back to the room where Gestalt was, you will see him standing up, stripped of his armor and skin and retaining any wounds you gave him, as if he has come back to life. However, he will move normally only for a while. Then, his animation will stop and his frame will move to the very edge of the room. The player cannot harm Gestalt at any point here, but can leave the room normally. This can happen an infinite amount of times.
  • According to Krinkels, despite Gestalt's feral behavior suggesting that he would be of animal-level intelligence, he is fully sapient, and just has "too much going on in his head to function as well as he could."