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Mag Agent: V3
Magv3 basic.png
The Mag Agent: V3
Debut: Madness Combat 9: Aggregation
Appearances: 1
Role(s): Antagonist
Kills: 0
Deaths: 1
Allies: Auditor, A.A.H.W.
Enemies: Hank

The Mag Agent: V3 is the third version of the mag agent. He wears an oxygen mask that resembles a duck bill. This mag agent was first mentioned on the Auditor's computer in Madness Inundation. Towards the end of the episode, one computer screen showed that a file, MAGV3GENE.RAR, was being downloaded and was 38.5% complete. However, the computer was destroyed by the Auditor's AT4 before completion.


Madness Combat 9: Aggregation

The Mag Agent: V3 only made an appearance in the ninth episode. Since he was still in development, the Auditor awakened him using his newly obtained powers. Through his premature activation, Mag Agent: V3 gained the ability to spawn weapons just like the Auditor can, using it to summon a mega hammer. During his fight with the magnified Hank, he was slashed by Hank's new claw. The mag agent finally died when Hank stabbed his head with the claw, and the mag agent fell off a cliff.


  • He is the first Mag Agent to wield a melee weapon, the second one being Mag Agent: V5.
  • He is the only Mag Agent who has never appeared in a non-canon animation.
  • The Mag Agent: V3, the Sun, Mag Hank, Demon, and the Auditor are the only characters without the facial cross.
    • In Mag Agent: V3's case, remnants of his facial cross can be seen in the decompiled .swf file. Parts of it were erased so that it is fully hidden by his headgear.