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Mag Agent: V4
Magv4 basic.png
The Mag Agent: V4
Debut: Madness Combat 10: Abrogation
Appearances: 2 (1 non-canon)
Role(s): Antagonist
Kills: 1 (non-canon)
Deaths: 2
Allies: Auditor, A.A.H.W.
Enemies: Hank, Sanford

The Mag Agent: V4 is the fourth version of the mag agent.


Their attire is similar to that of l33t agents, but instead of wearing "smith shades," they wear a red visor that covers most of their face, attached with belts in an upside down "Y" formation which has a constant scan-line, suggesting that the visor is electronic in nature.


Madness Combat 10: Abrogation

Two of them appear in Madness Combat 10. The first one confronted the protagonists unarmed, but managed to deliver a few blows to Hank. Sanford attempted to hurt the mag agent with a Beretta 92 and his hook, but with no apparent effect. Hank eventually freed himself from the agent's grip by kicking him in the face, cracking the visor. Hank proceeded to charge up his arm with electrical energy he had gotten from Jesus' halo, killing his enemy in two fatal blows to the lower body and head.

A second one appeared at the top of the structure that the Auditor had summoned, pulling out a mag-sized M1911. However, he was quickly dispatched by Hank before getting the chance to fire, riddled with bullets from a mag-sized M-249. His corpse was later absorbed by the Auditor to increase his own power.

Incident: 010A

The Mag Agent: V4 made a non-canon appearance in Incident: 010A in which Hank managed to stab him in the face with his dragon sword several times. However, the agent grabbed him, ripped him in half, and stabbed Hank's lifeless body multiple times with his own sword.