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Mag Agent: V5
The Mag Agent: V5
Debut: Incident: 110A
Appearances: 1 (non-canon)
Role(s): Antagonist
Kills: 0
Deaths: 1 (non-canon)
Allies: Auditor, A.A.H.W.
Enemies: Jesus

Mag Agent: V5 is the fifth version of the mag agent, appearing only in the non-canon episode Incident: 110A.


He is a heavily armored Mag Agent who wears body armor similar to that of a G03LM, and also wears a metallic skullcap around the dome of his head, a pair of black-lensed metal goggles, and a metallic mask around the lower half of his face, with the only part of his head being armored is the midsection, disregarding his aformentioned goggles which protect his eyes and some of his face. He also wears a suit like the other agents underneath his armor.


Incident: 110A

Mag Agent: V5 was seen using a mag-sized, retractable glaive to attack Jesus, but fails to hit him. Jesus knocks his goggles off with his binary sword, exposing part of his face, where he shoots him with an M-11 and stabs him with the binary sword. The mag agent retaliates by punching Jesus into the wall, making him fall to the lower floor. After Jesus kills some agents, the mag agent jumps down. He attacks Jesus again with his glaive, but Jesus grabs the sword already inside the mag agent's head, swings his sword around his head, then telekinetically rips apart his head along the gash. Jesus finally kills the agent by telekinetically tearing out his brain and smashing it against the wall.


  • He is lacking half of the facial cross that nearly every character has[1], and only has the vertical line.
  • He is the only Mag Agent to be non-canon, although it is unknown if he will make an appearance in a future canon animation.
  • He is the second Mag Agent to wield a melee weapon, the first being Mag Agent: V3.