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The marshmallow with characters fired into it
Author: Krinkels
Music: Sergei Roldugin
Track(s): Popper Elfentanz
Release date: February 9, 2002
Running time: 0:43
Body count: 2+
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Marsh-Mellow-Madness is the first Madness Combat animation by Krinkels to ever be made. It came after Krinkels' failure with the Breadman series and was also not entirely made using sprite animation.


In the beginning, a civilian is walking by when he notices a man standing next to a cannon. He reads a sign next to the cannon which reads, 'Marshmellow-Madness Ride - 5¢'. The ride owner smiles, and is given a nickel from the civilian. The ride owner then puts him inside the cannon. As soon as the civilian is ready, he is fired out. The civilian then lands face-first into a giant marshmallow. Two more characters are launched afterwards, pushing the marshmallow towards a cliff. One of the characters misses the marshmallow and painfully hits the ground, killing him. Another person gets launched in, causing the marshmallow to teeter on the edge of the cliff.

The ride owner is about to give another character a ride, but the cannon malfunctions and doesn't fire. So, the owner drags the person along the ground and tosses him into the marshmallow by himself. The marshmallow then falls backwards which ends up crushing the ride owner and killing him. The entire marshmallow then slides off the edge of the cliff. The movie ends with the text Al La FIN.



  • The Sun appears in the preloader.
  • Both the marshmallow and the Sun reappear in Madness Combat 3: Avenger.
  • The Civilian which is dragged to the marshmallow after the cannon malfuctions appears to has no feet when he is dragged by the ride's owner.