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Marshmellow MC3.png
The giant marshmallow
Type: Miscellaneous
Kill(s): 1+ (non-canon)

A giant marshmallow has appeared in two Madness Combat animations. It first appeared in Marsh-Mellow-Madness, where a civilian launches several other civilians into it with a cannon. This causes the marshmallow to move towards a cliff. Near the edge of the cliff, the cannon malfunctions, so the ride owner shoves a civilian into the marshmallow, causing it to fall on him and then off the cliff.

It was also seen in Madness Combat 3: Avenger, where it fell near The Bakery!. Hank impaled Tricky to the marshmallow with a streetsign.

The marshmallow in Madness Combat 3 makes a cameo appearance in SACRIFICE.fla, in one of the red images that appear after Deimos touches a body outside The Bakery!.

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