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Mustached star
Mustached Star Transparent.png
The mustached star as it appears in ROMP.FLA
Debut: Piss
Appearances: 2 (non-canon)
Role(s): Neutral, antagonist
Allies: Mustached characters
Enemies: Sanford, Deimos

The mustached star is a mysterious demon-like character who only appeared in the non-canon animations Piss and ROMP.FLA.

Powers and abilities

The mustached star has the ability to shoot red flashes, in order to destroy something. This is demonstrated by creating a star-shaped hole in the floor beneath Sanford and Deimos to make them fall.

It seems that it can teleport itself, because it is shown multiple times in different buildings, most likely due to an apparent lack of mobility. It can also hide its face and let it reappear.

The mustached star creating a star-shaped hole

The most notable power is, that when it opens its mouth, it can make the mustached characters zombie-like. The mustached characters have the same zombie-like mouth, red glowing eyes, are better in combat and are much more resistant to attacks.



In Piss the mustached star appears in the background and dances, as the screen shows a smiley-face with the words WORSHIP CHAOS.


In ROMP.FLA the mustached star is the main antagonist. As Sanford and Deimos had killed all enemies in the second room, the mustached star was on the wall and notes that a problem is detected. After this it blasts a red flash that creates a star-shaped hole in the floor that makes Sanford and Deimos fall.

Sanford and Deimos looking at the star before get attacked by the mustached characters

Later in the first room of another building were Sanford and Deimos was invited by mustached characters. The star was again on the wall and says: THESE FAMILIAR FACES... YOUR ALLIES IN PURPOSE... HAVE BETRAYED YOU!. The mustached characters then attack the duo.

After a while Sanford and Deimos crossed a bridge which connects two buildings and enter the third building. As they arrive in the first room, the star smashes a hole into the wall, this time its mouth is zombie-like and he begins to shake and twitch. Then six mustached characters with the same zombie-like mouths and red eyes come into the room and kill Sanford and Deimos.