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Nevada Supermall
MC5.5 Poster5.png
A poster advertising the Nevada Supermall

The Nevada Supermall (abbreviated NVSM) is a mall in Nevada and is the implied setting of Madness Combat 6.5. The advanced training recruitment center is located within the mall, and so there are many l33t agents and A.T.P. engineers stationed. The shopkeepers in this episode are basically undecorated Madness characters like grunts. The mall was first mentioned on several posters in Madness Combat 5.5. At the end of the episode, the Nevada Supermall fell to the ground and Sanford and Deimos entered. The train in Madness Antipathy apparently spawned from this building.

One notable site of the Nevada Supermall is the armory, NVSM Quartermaster. After Sanford killed the shopkeeper, he took a Colt Revolver, a Bren gun with extra magazines, and a pair of camouflage-patterned pants while providing Deimos with a belt, extra clips for his PM-9, and a M203 grenade launcher.

Later on, Sanford and Deimos reach a cafeteria. Many of the food items seen include sodas and hot dogs. Here, the protagonists continue to massacre l33t agents. Meanwhile, the cafeteria worker, witnessing the violence, shuts the windows in fear.

Right below the cafeteria is the advanced training recruitment center, labeled "Self Improvement," where l33t agents become A.T.P. agents. Two A.T.P. engineers were seen running the office, both of which were killed by Sanford and Deimos.

Next to the recruitment center is a clothing store, The Rift, a parody of The Gap. In the store are several racks that hang l33t agent, A.T.P. engineer and grunt uniforms. There is also a large box labeled "Happy Bargains!" that contain many miscellaneous articles of clothing. Sanford pointed his Bren gun at the shopkeeper, who quickly surrendered and then started passively reading a book. Deimos suggested a few pieces of l33t clothing, all of which Sanford rejected. From the bargains box, Deimos took a pair of black teashades, which he gave to Sanford. The box also contained a shirt that read, "I covered wars you know," which Sanford also tried on. After Deimos put on his new outfit, including his black visor, the door was suddenly blown open and A.A.H.W units entered, ending the protagonists' dress-up time.

The roof of the mall is a helipad. After leaving The Rift, Sanford and Deimos killed all the l33t agents stationed on the roof and then hijacked a helicopter.