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   <default>Nexus Core</default>
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</image> <label>Faction Name</label> <label>Allied Factions</label> <label>Neutral Factions</label> <label>Enemy Factions</label> <label>Main Location</label> <group collapse="open"> <header>Members</header> <label>Leader</label> <label>Units</label> </group> </infobox> The Nexus Core is the titular main antagonistic faction in the Project Nexus series. They operate the science tower, overseeing Project Nexus under Phobos, even obeying his standing orders after his death. Nexus Core are organized very similarly to the A.A.H.W. Their ranks include Scientists, Agents, Engineers, and Soldats. From the journals found in Project Nexus 2, this is believed to be a coincidence. In Project Nexus Episode 1.5, the Nexus Core also employ Riot guards.



In Project Nexus, the Nexus Core Scientists appear to be unarmed civilians. After the zombie outbreak as a result of Dr. Christoff's insurrection, Nexus Core began arming them with self-defense weapons: in Project Nexus 2 they are all armed with laser-based weaponry, typically the Laser Pistoleer with the occasional Laser Rifle.


Nexus Core Agents are not particularly different from the 1337 Crew Agents. They wear suits and sunglasses, and fight with a variety of weapons. To distinguish themselves from the A.A.H.W. in Project Nexus 2, they wear bright red sunglasses, earpieces, and fingerless gloves, plus, their suits also have red stripes on the lapels and on the sides, and they also wear a red tie instead of a black one.


Nexus Core Engineers wear the exact same type of mask that A.A.H.W. Engineers have, except with a red-colored visor instead of yellow, and Nexus Engineers have red blood instead of yellow. They also wear a red beret and a plate of armor protecting their chest.


Nexus Core Soldats have a unique gimmick; they are always seen dual-wielding weapons, usually melee ones, although Soldats dual-wielding firearms can also be encountered. Like the Engineers, the lenses of their eyepieces are bright red, and they wear berets, they also wear a balacalava and a plate of armor, this time with shoulderpads.


Nexus Core Scouts wear a grey balacalava, a red visor, and a utility belt. They are very fast, and use light weapons, like pistols and submachine guns, and are very skilled with them, and use them for suppressing fire. They are however, very fragile, and possess no TAC bar.


Nexus Core Supports are heavily armored Nexus Soldiers who wear a balacalava, and a metal mask with red lenses, as well as a heavy plate of armor similar to the Soldats, except much larger and with two shoulderpads, like the MERC Captains. Due to their heavy armor, they lack in mobility, but can take a large amount of damage for the same reason. Their weapon of choice are large battlehammers.

Riot Guards

Nexus Riot Guards wear a mask with a large red visor, a pair of headphones instead of the earpiece headset that their bretheren wear, and a plate of armor over their chest with multiple satchels and a large backpack on their backs. They carry Riot Shields and wield either melee weapons or automatic firearms.