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Director Phobos
Phobos with the binary sword.
Debut: Madness: Project Nexus
Appearances: 2 (game only)
Role(s): Antagonist, boss
Deaths: 1
Allies: Project Nexus, Sheriff
Enemies: Dr. Christoff, Dr. Hofnarr


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</image> <label>Faction</label> <label>Name</label> <label>Title</label> <label>Species</label> <label>Debut</label> <group collapse="open"> <header>Appearances</header> <label>The Outskirts</label> <label>Industrial Sector</label> <label>Residental Sector</label> <label>Commercial Sector</label> <label>Mining Sector</label> <label>Science Tower</label> <label>Arena mode</label> </group> <group collapse="open"> <header>Stats</header> <label>Level</label> <label>Corpus</label> <label>Scale</label> <label>Tac-Bar Multiplier</label> <label>Attributes</label> <label>Skill Groups</label> <label>Vocations</label> <label>Behaviors</label> <label>Traits</label> <label>Skills</label> </group> </infobox> Phobos, also known as Director Phobos is the main antagonist of the Project Nexus series and the final boss of Episode 1.5 in the first game's Story Mode and is thought to be the final boss of The Rush in MADNESS: Project Nexus. He is a highly skilled fighter whose size is larger than that of a regular character but slightly smaller than that of a G03LM. In this prequel, he was the controller of Project Nexus. He is fought twice in the episode, first in level [1.5-D], and secondly in the last level. In level [1.5-D], Phobos appears with only his binary sword, realizing that Dr. Christoff had indeed defected from the Nexus. Using the binary sword, he can deflect almost every bullet fired at him and knock out any melee weapons used against him. However, if he is successfully hit by any attack, he will flee the room, telling Dr. Christoff that they will meet again. In the final level, Phobos appears in the last room armed with the binary sword and a TMP. If he is holding the binary sword, he would protect himself by using it to block attacks. If he is holding the TMP, he would dodge attacks by performing very high back flips or utilize his hefty TAC-Bar. Despite his superior evasive power, he is still vulnerable to Nexus bolts and cannot block them with his sword. Once he is killed, Jesus will say to him, "Goodnight, Phobos."

MADNESS: Project Nexus


In a leaked screenshot of MADNESS: Project Nexus, a statue of Phobos in a powerful stance is seen, raising his binary sword into the air. Although indirectly, Phobos once again serves as the main antagonist of the game even after his death.


  • In Greek mythology, Phobos is the god of the fear. It is also the one of the moons of Mars, the other being Deimos.
  • After Phobos is defeated, the final cutscene shows an image of Dr. Christoff holstering what appeared to be the binary sword, implying that Dr. Christoff obtained the binary sword from Phobos.
  • In level [1.5-D], if the player has defeated Phobos, leaves the room, and then returns, Phobos will be there again and the player would have to hit him with another attack.
  • In Greek mythology, Phobos has a brother called Deimos, but in the Madness universe, we do not yet know if Phobos has a relationship with Deimos.
    • It has been confirmed by Krinkels that Phobos and Deimos are unrelated, and that those names were simply chosen because of how cool they sounded [1]
  • Although probably a joke, Krinkels has stated that the reason Phobos is slightly big is because he did Deadlifts and was on a GOMAD diet.