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Author: Krinkels
Music: Juke Bottle Casino
Track(s): Mr. Pistol and the Ratclub
Release date: July 7, 2007
Body count: 1
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Previous: Vomit
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Piss is the fourth short made by Krinkels and is the sequel to Vomit.


A faced Madness character walks up to another faced Madness character, and says "HEY." and asks "WANT TO SEE SPIDERMAN 3?", and then gets shot in the face with an M1911.

Then it switches to a scene where a faced Madness character is on a computer, saying, "I AM ON THE INTERNET", who is typing on a large keyboard with 6 keys on it. Then it switches to the Madness person, still typing, saying, "I CAN SEE FOREVER", while another faced Madness character moves from the computer screen towards the guy on the computer and vomits on him, saying "VOMIT".

The next scene shows a faced Madness person eating the head and brains of another faced Madness person saying, "THE PLURAL OF MOUTH IS MITHE", then switching to the last scene where a star with a face is grinning and the head of a faced Madness person jitters between a serious face and a face with a huge smile, with a dancing star with a mustache to the side. The words on the screen are "WORSHIP CHAOS".


  • Spiderman 3 is a 2007 film produced by Marvel. It was overall less well received than the first two films, and judging by the gunshot it seems Krinkels agrees.
  • The word mithe is an obsolete English verb, referring to concealment.
  • Krinkels described Piss as "the last of the shorts for now", and returned to his work on Madness Combat 8 afterward (though Leisurely Ragtime was released in the meantime).