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Riot guard
A riot guard.
Debut: Madness: Project Nexus
Appearances: 1 (game only)
Role(s): Antagonist
Allies: Project Nexus
Enemies: Dr. Christoff, Dr. Hofnarr, and abominations, zombies until [1.5-F]

Riot guards are enemies unique to Madness: Project Nexus, debuting in Episode 1.5. They wear protective armor and masks and tend to move much faster than the other units. They also possess TAC-Bars that are much harder to wear down than those of other enemies. They are very agile and often dodge by flipping, making it fairly difficult to land a hit on them. Most of them carry two weapons, usually a combination of one gun and a billy club. Because of their armor, they are able to take in a large amounts of damage without dying. However, they will still die instantly if hit with a Nexus bolt.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

In Madness: Project Nexus 2, the Nexus Core have a unit called the NEXUS Tactician or coreman that was changed to the NEXUS Riot Guard. They have a iron riot shield and a random weapon.