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FightLite SCR pistol
SCRpistol MC11.png
The modified SCR pistol from Madness Combat 11.
Type: Pistol
Used by: Hank
Kill(s): 5

The FightLite SCR pistol is a semiautomatic pistol[note 1] manufactured by FightLite Industries. In Madness Combat 11: Expurgation, the Auditor gives Hank a modified SCR pistol - featuring fully-automatic fire mode and a heavily-exaggerated banana-like magazine similar to the magazine of the Chauchat.

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  1. Semiautomatic pistol in the American legal definition; the actual weapon is technically a carbine, as it fires a rifle cartridge, and it's categorized as a pistol only because it has exactly one contact point with the user. Although, it should also be noted that due to Hank's strength, he effortlessly fires the weapon one-handed like a pistol-caliber pistol.