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SR3 Nexus.png
The SR-3 from Madness: Project Nexus
Type: Rifle
Attachment(s): Laser sight, scope
Used by: Agents
Kill(s): 0

The SR-3 is a Russian-made compact rifle, chambered for the 9x39mm round. The first SR-3s appear in a crate in Madness Combat 9: Aggregation. In Madness Combat 5.5, two 1337 agents use it, but are killed by Sanford and Deimos. It also appears briefly in Incident: 001A.

In Madness: Project Nexus, it is a powerful rifle that has a low rate of fire and magazine capacity. An illustration of the gun also appears on the armory door in Arena Combat mode.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

SR-3 9x39mm
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
12 190 6 20
÷10 228 1.8 ×3
Tiny rifle bullets might do for your run of the mill gunfighter, but others might go for this gun. The SR-3 is both brutal and compact.
Price $2000 $2600 $3380

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