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A scientist
Debut: Madness: Project Nexus
Appearances: 2 (1 game)
Role(s): Neutral

Scientists, also known as lab geeks, are neutral NPCs that are featured in Episode 1.5 of Madness: Project Nexus. They wear white lab coats, varying glasses, and sometimes a SARS guard. They are neutral, so they will not attack unless infected into a zombie. In order to ward off zombies, scientists will sometimes use clipboards, test tube racks, scalpels, and brooms as weapons.


Project Nexus

They are first seen with Dr. Christoff in the first room of the Story Mode's level [1.5-A]. One scientist notices Dr. Christoff's odd behavior and asks him, "Something wrong, Dr. Christoff?" Meanwhile, a group of scientists in another room is discussing sports.

When Christoff is being hunted by the 1337 agents in [1.5-A], sometimes they will fight to defend him. Usually, though, they simply raise their hands in surrender.

In [1.5-B], they can be shot and killed by Christoff. However, they will not fight back.

Nexus Scientist.jpeg

Their combat ability, as well as their endurance can be compared with those of a grunt's.  

Project Nexus 2

Scientists appear both under the employ of MERC and under Nexus Core. The latter are armed with Laser Pistols and are immediately hostile toward the player, but still constitute little threat.

An Experiment


The Scientist returns in this short. There's two new changes, shown in the photo.

First, the scientist has been redesigned to look like all the modern sprites. Second, the scientist is wearing an agent suit, the only difference with the suit that it is grey and not black.