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"Scrapeface", as seen in An Experiment.
Debut: An Experiment
Appearances: 1
Role(s): Protagonist
Kills: At least 4
Deaths: 1
Enemies: A.A.H.W.(?)

"Scrapeface" is a character first appearing as the main protagonist in the canon short, An Experiment.

As his name implies, Scrapeface appears as a Grunt (or a Civilian) whose face has been roughly scraped against concrete, showing torn skin and a partially visible skull.


An Experiment

The person who would become Scrapeface is an involuntary test subject in the short's titular experiment, which appears to be to find out what would happen if someone's hands were stretched a great distance from their main body.

He first appears being tossed by a pair of A.T.P. Engineers into a barren testing chamber, with a dumbwaiter like object on a raised platform being the only thing in the room.

After the Engineers leave after terrorizing him briefly, he goes to investigate the dumbwaiter after it opens up and two lights near it turn on, catching his attention, and places his hands inside it to press and hold the two buttons inside it, after reading the instructions "Press and HOLD both buttons, please." inside the dumbwaiter, which causes the dumbwaiter to close it's doors, trapping his hands, and making it ascend, causing him to struggle wildly, injuring himself and giving himself his namesake injuries in the process, before suddenly freezing in place in a corner.

He then proceeds to reunite his hands with his body using his newfound powers after an Engineer, presumably one of the duo from before, is forced into a room by an A.T.P. Soldat wielding an AK-74U, and attacks and overwhelms said Engineer, tearing him in half offscreen.

Scrapeface then proceeds to make his way out of the test chamber, still holding the Engineer's remains, and collides with the Soldat, disassembling his weapon and causing him to be sent flying in the process. He then violently tosses the Engineer's remains he was holding into a monitor while hovering, but then appears to suddenly become victim to his own glitching powers, and violently convulses in midair before launching at the ground, eradicating the majority of his body by sliding against the ground and up a wall, and then in an apparent last ditch effort, launches his remains at a Scientist who was presumably conducting the experiment that caused his misfortunes, missing the Scientist in the process, but causing the facility they were in to tear itself in half, and then for one half of the facility to explode, presumably obliterating both Scrapeface and the Scientist.


Scrapeface possesses the power to "glitch" himself, other people, as well as objects, although it is unconfirmed if he has conscious control over this or any of his abilities, given how he seems to become affected by his own powers at times, and how he obliterated a majority of his body at the end of An Experiment by violently scraping against the ground and up the wall until only a small amount of his torso and his feet remained, then caused an explosion that obliterated him as the facility he was in as a result.

His "glitching" ability can be used on people he cannot see, as he "glitched" an A.T.P. Soldat who was in a room he was about to enter, causing the Soldat to be rendered immobile, although it could be that simply being in his general radius puts others at risk of being "glitched", given how he seems to have an ambiguous amount of control over his own abilities. His glitch powers also caused the Soldat he glitched's AK-74U to disassemble, suggesting that he has some form of telepathy.

He has great physical strength, as he was able to throw an A.T.P. Engineer across a room without any effort, and later tore him in half off screen with just his bare hands, he was also able to toss the Engineer's corpse into a monitor so hard that it not only broke the screen, but embedded the Engineer's body in it.

He is also capable of hovering and flying, and mostly gets around by motionlessly gliding around in straight lines.


  • Krinkels stated in one of his streams that the character is named "Scrapeface".
  • Scrapeface's head wasn't actually designed and drawn by Krinkels. Instead, Kelzad Oox (A Madness Combat Tribute maker best known for his REALM series) drew and designed his head.