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TAC50 MC8.png
The fully-assembled TAC-50 from Madness Combat 8 and Incident: 111A
Type: Rifle
Attachment(s): Scope
Used by: Jesus
Kill(s): 3 (2 non-canon)

The McMillan TAC-50 is a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered for the .50BMG round. In the beginning of Madness Inundation, Jesus was sniping with one while narrating an introduction. Afterwards, he field stripped it into pieces and holstered it. Later on, he re-assembled it, but without the stock and scope, and used it to take out the second Mag Agent: V2, depleting the ammo by over-killing the agent. The TAC-50 reappeared in Incident: 111A, used by Jesus to snipe faraway agents.


  • This is the first bolt-action rifle in the series, and the first sniper rifle thus far, but is the second sniper rifle chronologically, the first being the M14 in Madness Combat 6.5. It is also the firearm with the largest ammunition caliber, being the only firearm in the series chambered for the .50 BMG round.
  • Throughout the course of its use in Madness Combat 8, no shells were ejected from the rifle when it was cocked. This was possibly due to a design oversight.
    • The TAC-50 was the only weapon fired in Incident: 111A. There, shells were correctly ejected from the rifle when the bolt was cycled.

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