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Birth name: Michael Swain
Activities: Animator, game developer
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Michael Swain (better known as The-Swain), is an animator and programmer who is most famous for his animation series Blockhead and Mastermind.

A friend of Krinkels, Swain was a large contributer in the production of the Madness Combat game, Madness: Project Nexus. Swain was in charge of designing the combat system and scripting the entire game. Whilst Krinkels supplied Swain with a steady flow of art and animations, The-Swain incorporated them into the game.

Because of Swain's large role in creating the game, Krinkels was often not in control of when new updates would be released. The Swain was responsible for creating new script and code for any new features.

He is currently working on Madness: Project Nexus 2 with Krinkels.