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The Other Place
Deimos landing in Purgatory, part of The Other Place

There is an afterlife in the Madness Combat universe, the flipside of Nevada referred to simply as The Other Place. Only glimpses of this chaotic dimension have been seen, and most characters who come into contact, dead or alive, meet a grisly fate, but many continue to study it undeterred.

Aspects of The Other Place include the Auditor's Hell and Deimos's Purgatory, though 2BDamned refers to The Other Place as a whole as "hell", which Krinkels himself has stated is more apt.

Project Nexus

The Other Place is a central plot point in Madness: Project Nexus 2. Although never directly seen it is incredibly important to the titular Project Nexus. This alternate dimension serves as a scientific curiosity, power source, and key resource in the production of clones and clone-related units such as Sleepwalker patients. Memory imprints, called S-3LFs, of recently-deceased individuals, such as Subject 1v02P 6, would be funneled into The Other Place then retrieved to be placed in cloned bodies. A byproduct of this practice was an energy source known as Dissonant Reality, which could be used to power weapons or channeled through the Keystone Fragment.


  • A running gag in Project Nexus 2 is to use the metaphor "two shook up soda cans" to describe the dangers posed by The Other Place and its relationship with Nevada. This is repeated by Dr. Christoff, Dr. Hoffnar, Sanford and Deimos, and Krinkels himself on his curiouscat page.