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The Rift
Madness Combat 6.5 The Rift.png
Sanford and Deimos inside the Rift

The Rift is a clothing store franchise in the Madness Combat franchise. It first appears towards the end of Madness Combat 6.5 where Sanford and Deimos get their signature looks. Another The Rift store makes a cameo in Madness: Project Nexus 2.

The Rift is where Deimos acquires his jacket and visor, and Sanford acquires his glasses and lip posture. There, Sanford tries on a shirt, which said, "I covered wars, you know", a reference to the zombie survival horror game, Dead Rising, in which Frank West asked a woman for her gun. She asked him if he (a news reporter) knew how to use it. He responded "I've covered wars, you know!"

This might be one of many clothing stores where agents, as well as A.T.P. engineers buy new suits. This store also has a bargain bin with a great variety of clothing pieces .

The entrance of the Rift

The Rift is manned by a clerk who Sanford initially threatens. However, the clerk is spared, much like the hot dog vendor, and he sits down to read a book.

When the store is breached by agents attacking the protagonists, the clerk is knocked out by the impact of the agents' bomb. It was confirmed by Krinkels that the cashier survived.