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Unfinished Mag
Debut: Madness: Project Nexus 2
Appearances: 7
Role(s): Antagonist; Mini Boss
Allies: Nexus Core

A.A.H.W. (temporary)

Enemies: Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Dr. Christoff

The Unfinished Mag is an enemy in Madness: Project Nexus 2, debuting in the stage "Deep Storage" and act as mini-bosses. They are sent to fight prematurely in an attempt to stop Hank and company from progressing in their mission to reboot Project Nexus.


Unfinished Mags are distinguishable by their huge size, roughly two and half times bigger than an average character (while finished Mags are three times bigger). Unlike their finished counterparts, they have missing skin, having their musculature and teeth revealed, and are partially covered in metal parts and posses a mask with red goggles.


The Unfinished Mags act like other Mag units by being agressive, yelling or huffing whenever they attack. Unfinished Mags are not aware of their unfinished state, or believe to be finished, as they mentioning how they are ready to live/fight. However, they also call themselves unfinished at times. When they get killed or kill an enemy, they claim that they (someone else) have found their purpose.


Keeping a safe distance from them is key, as their attacks are purely hand to hand based. They attack by pummeling the ground or swiping with their hands. If one wishes to take them on with a melee weapon, standing behind them is not advised, as they can quickly turn around and slam the ground with their fists. Attacking from the sides and diving away from any incoming attacks is the best way to take care of these huge menaces.